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Garrapata Senču Kapi Illinois (Opal of the Midwest)

Good Harbor Knotted Oak Hill

Nature is the canvas of the heavens—the source of our visions. How could I not be
inpired by it? It is so healing and expansive and it gives so much pleasure.

In the last few years, I have been doing more and more landscapes and seascapes.
I have two series of scapes in the works:

America West and Atlantica.

If you have a skyscape, seascape, or landscape you would like to commission,
click on the Contact the Artist link at the top of the webpage. Scapes can be
commissioned in color pastel, conte pencil, charcoal, or oil paint. Styles range
from photographic to impressionistic. Buildings and other manmade structures
can be included in the piece.

Note: If reference photos are provided, they must be the sole property of the person
commissioning the work, i.e., NOT BE commercial photographs. Separate photos can
often be combined to unite two or more subjects in the same piece,
as long as light direction and light intensity are similar.


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From left to right: Garrapata, Sencu Kapi, Illinois (Opal of the Midwest), Good Harbor, Knotted Oak Hill.

All rights reserved. No artwork may be copied or reproduced without the expressed written consent of the artist.