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BlueyJack and Aura

The Zeiger KidsBonnie's FamilyThe Kegel Portrait

Bob and SeanSunshineCindy's Dog

Because of my classic artistic style, portraits have always been a big part of my portfolio. People like the realism
and precision in the art and the way I can capture the essence of who their loved one is. By displaying the art
in their homes, clients are always reminded of those they care about most.

Portraits can be done of people, horses, dogs, cats or other living creatures. They are usually done from
photos. If reference photos are used, they must be the sole property of the person commissioning the work,
i.e., NOT BE commercial photographs. Separate photos can often be combined to unite two or more subjects
in the same piece, as long as light direction and light intensity are similar. Backgrounds can be substituted
as long as the lighting and palette of the replacement background square with the existing one.


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From left to right, top to bottom: Bluey, Aura and Jack; The Zeiger Kids, Bonnie's Family, The Kegel Portrait; Bob and Sean, Sunshine, Cindy's Dog.

All rights reserved. No artwork may be copied or reproduced without the expressed written consent of the artist.