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Illustration and Fantasy

CarouselNo Deal Venom—Detail

Île d'Orléans La Mort de Tintagiles—Detail Soeur Béatrice—Detail

Betrayal—DetailInconsolable Firefly Sprite

When I am deeply moved by something, or when some aspect of the human condition
hits me over the head, I express myself in illustration. In this format, the raw, inner
realities of characters emerge most hauntingly, with the most delicate touch.
In this expressive style, the fantastic seems plausible, the physical world
and the hidden world meet in works that show the timelessness
and relevance of myths and fables, legends and dreams.

Pastel is a wonderful medium for illustration and fantasy because the hues are so
pure and dazzling. Charcoal is also a good choice because it emphasizes drama.
Both pastel and charcoal are highly blendable, which helps me blur the line
between the physical and the spiritual.

If you would like bring a favorite myth, legend, play, or story to life in your home, why not
commission a pastel or charcoal work of art? Click the Contact the Artist link at the
top of the webpage and share your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you.


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From left to right, top row: Carousel, No Deal (Persephone), Venom—Detail.
From left to right, middle row: Île d'Orléans, La Mort de Tintagiles—Detail, Soeur Béatrice—Detail.
From left to right, bottom row: Betrayal—Detail, Inconsolable, Firefly Sprite.

All rights reserved. No artwork may be copied or reproduced without the expressed written consent of the artist.