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BogartJack and Aura

Art isn't something you have to learn to appreciate,
despite rumors to the contrary.

You simply get it.

Think of a time when you first saw a favorite work of art. If you were asked why you liked it,
it might have been difficult for you to put your thoughts and feelings into words. But you knew
that the art triggered something in you—some kind of memory, understanding,
dream, love. Something in that artwork was meaningful for you.

Having seen the expressions of people who have sought out and appreciated
my work, I believe that meaningfulness, that connectivity, is what makes art valuable—
and profoundly unforgettable.


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From left to right, top row: Illinois (Opal of the Midwest), Soeur Béatrice—Detail, Garrapata, Carousel.
From left to right, bottom row: Bogart, Jack and Aura.

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